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Visitor's Feedback

I am very happy to see this web site depicting the correct Puja method for Bhagwan Sri Chitragupta ji and other festivals of India. I could get good peace of information from this web site. I must congratulate those who are devoting their time and energy in developing this web site. Hail to them
Ajit Kumar

Thank you for putting up such a wonderful and informative 'Bhai Dooj' site. Just a small comment- Bhai Dooj is known as 'Bhai Fonta' in Bengal and all Bengalees celebrate it during 'Protipad' and 'Dwatia' thiti after See Sree Kali Puja. The bengali sloko also include 'Pradipade dia Fonta, Dwititia-te khio nita' [Translation: I am giving you, mu brother, phonta on the first day after the new moon and I will feed you on the second day]'. It is also known as 'Bratri Dwitia'. Thanks.
Jahar Bhattacharya


I belong to Kayastha Family of Bihar and staying in USA. This is a wonderful site which provides lots of informations on Bhai Dooj.

Anurag Sinha

First of all many congratulations for putting up a site like this. I like the layout as well as the content of this site.

Sandeep Rajpal

Wonderful and Traditional site. It is very informative for the people who stay in abroad. It helps them to stay re-connect with the indian traditions while in abroad.

Gaurav Kapoor

Amazing site. We really appreciate your efforts. The site has everything that one can need, the legends, the story, significance and the puja items for this festival.


It was one of the best sites I have ever come across. Please keep up the good work.

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