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Bhai Dooj EssayBhai Phota : Bengali way of celebrating Bhai Dooj

Since ages, Bhai Phota is celebrated in every Bengali household as an propitious day, showcasing the the love and affection between the brother and sister. Though this love and affection is same as that shared between the brothers and sisters of other community, still the custom and rituals of Bengal are a bit different. The environment of the house becomes more alive and cheerful by the constant visit of friends and relatives, all invited for lunch and dinner. The ritual that is similar to other communities is putting the tilak by sisters on their brothers forehead and performing the arti in order to save him from all kind of evils. In Bengal, a combination of sandal wood paste (chandan), red chandan, home made kajal, is used to apply the tilak while in other regions a red coloured powder called 'Roli' is made into a paste and is used to draw the tilak along with few grains of rice.

The sisters make their brothers sit on an 'Asana' and draws the tilak on the forehead of the brother. If the sister is elder then she blesses her brother with rice grains and dubya, a special type of grass, when the brother touches her feet.

It is customary in Bengal on the part of the sister if she is elder, to draw the Tilak with the little finger of the left hand and with that of the right hand if she is younger from her brother. At this gifts are exchanged which marks the immense love and affection between the brother and sister. After this the brothers are served sweets and then the whole family engages into singing songs, play games and anything that is enjoyed by all.
Mr. Saurabh Sen Guplta, Dhanbad

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