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Everything about the Celebration of Bhai Dooj!!

Posted on : 20th September, 2017

Bhai Dooj is such a beautiful festival that celebrates the beautiful bond shared between brothers and sisters. On this day sisters rejoice the fact of having a loving brother who always protects them! Diwali is celebrated on four consecutive days as follows:

1.Thirteen (Dhanatrayodashi)
2. Fourteen (Narak Chaturdashi)
3. The New Moon Day (Amavasya or the Laxmi Pujan)
4. Kartik (Balpratipada)

Significance of Bhai Dooj festival

Bhai Dooj also known as Yamadwitiya or Bhaubaji is celebrated on the 2nd day of the Kartik month and it falls after the fourth day of the Diwali festival. The festival is dedicated to celebrating the celestial bond that a sister shares with her brother. It is believed that on this day Lord Shri Krishna fought the demon Shakatasur and got many women rid of the jaws of the cruel demon.

How is the festival celebrated?

As per the ritual on this day, men are not supposed to eat meal cooked by their wives. Instead, they are believed to visit their sister's place, gift her clothes & jewelleries of her choice, and shower upon all the love to her. If someone does not have a real sister then they can go to a female's friend place, who they consider sister or can visit a cousin sister's place and give her all the love that he is supposed to give to her real sister.

Also, if a woman does not have a real brother then she can consider a cousin or a friend who is like a brother as her real brother. She should perform Aarti for her brother and pit Tika around his forehead. In the worst case if that is not possible she can consider Moon as her brother and can perform all the rituals.

Many years ago, Yamaraj, the God of death had visited his sister's place and he was so overwhelmingly welcomed that he declared the day as liberating for men if they visit their sister's place on this day and he named the day as Bhai Dooj.

The Significance of Celebrating the God of Death, Yama!

The God of death should be worshipped on Narak Chaturdashi, Dhanatrayodashi and Yamadvitiya for keeping way from an untimely death. It is suggested to make an offering to the God of death chanting all his fourteen names. This can help people in averting the untimely death of an individual.


The essence of the festival lies in the fact that it is celebrated to strengthen the most pure bond shared between sisters and brothers. The day comes with a lot of exchange of gifts, yummy and tasty food. Brothers can essentially reach to the innermost level of the hearts of their sister and their love. On this day sisters and brothers share with each other delightful and lovely gifts along with sharing love. As per the traditions, Bhai Dooj is more of a festival for being celebrated by the sisters whose brothers are married. Apart from sharing love, the day also provides an opportunity to all the brothers to visit the home of her married sister and to get assurance that his sister is happy with her new home.

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